City or Country?

I strongly believe that a country is better than a city.

Firstly, in the countryside there is so much space! You can play, build or just admire looking at the beautiful countryside. So what would you rather, the city or the countryside. (Hint: Pick the countryside!)

Furthermore, statistics have proven that people like the countryside more than the city. Only 20% of people think the city is better than the countryside! Wow!

Finally, I have to say that the air in the city is completely 100% polluted! The city is a mucky, murdering moat of pollution! Yes, pollution! But, getting back to the countryside. Fresh air! No pollution at all! Just beautiful smelling air. Mmmmm… Ahh, sorry. I was getting off the point, anyway. It’s just great to have a cleared nose don’t you think? So what I’m trying to say is that the countryside is much more pleasant to live in than the city.

In summing up, I know that the countryside is better than the city because it has more space, people think its better and there is hardly any pollution!

A Puppy is for Life Not for Christmas

Puppies are not just a Christmas present. They are a whole new life for you to look after.

Puppies are a big responsibility! For example they need care, cuddles and cunning food. Sometimes they can get angry if you don’t do these things. So if you’re thinking of or already have got one you need to be responsible enough.

To be a successful puppy owner you must respect your puppy. If it starts biting you slowly step away, give it a treat or play with it. If you hurt it in any way it will just get angrier, crazier and more worked up. So please respect your beautiful innocent little puppy.

Giving a kid a pet is giving that kid a lot of responsibility. It teaches them how to look after someone, but only if they look after it of course. But make sure they’re ready to take on that challenge.

 So that is why 9/10 people would buy a puppy only when their kid would be ready to look after it.

ARCHERY-10th piece in 2014

WOOSH! The arrow shot through the air. TOOK! The arrow sawed through the sticks. “Bullseye!”  I stood there with pride.

“Great job!”  Scott said. I clipped the next arrow into the bow, turned the bow vertically and shot the arrow. It whizzed through the air…

The arrow split through my other one! Luckily, Scott (the instructor) hadn’t seen it. My face filled with guilt. I had to admit it. I walked to Scott in shame. My heart was beating.

I told Scott everything and surprisingly, he was impressed! I was so relieved! I thought I was going to get in big trouble and have to pay a fine or something.

Luckily, they had an extra arrow. TOOK! Kyle shot his second one and it split through his other arrow. Unfortunately, they couldn’t repair Kyle’s one. Kyle had to do more duty groups. After that he never ever played archery again!

LOST-9th piece in 2014

I was extremely excited to go to my favourite shop! We passed by the shop. I ran inside stunned thinking about nothing else. There was everything a kid would want. The shop was called “24.7”. This was because it never closed.

I had not noticed that my mum and dad had walked away. I ran to the book ile! “WOW!” I stared at the Harry Potter series. They had every book of it. I picked up all the Harry Potter books and dumped them on the counter. That split-second I realised that I had left my wallet with my dad. I raced out the door expecting to see my mum and dad, but neither of them were there!

“Good Grief! Where are they. MUM! DAD!” Suddenly, I thought of an idea. I could ask someone to use their phone. Then ring my mum or dad. “Oh no! I don’t know either of their numbers!” I sat down on the floor for five straight minutes… “Aha! I caught a glimpse of my friend from school and his mum. (My friends mum knows my mum’s phone number). I sprinted over and explained to my friend’s mum what had happened. She called my mum and dad but the phone didn’t answer. She ringed again and they answered. They raced over to me.


How To Train A Dragon-8th piece in 2014

You will need:

  • A dragon
  • A pretend person
  • A camouflage suit
  • A feather
  • Soothing cream
  • A whip
  • A voice


  1. Get your dragon and feed it fish by throwing the fish in the air.
  2. Put the camouflage suit on your dragon.
  3. Slowly walk to your dragon and rub soothing cream on it’s back.
  4. Slowly climb onto your dragon’s back.
  5. Start whipping your dragon while you put soothing cream on it at the same time.
  6. When it starts flying, guide it to where you want to go by talking to it.
  7. Tell it to land.
  8. Get your pretend person and put it in front of your dragon.
  9. Stick your feather up your dragon’s throat and take the feather out straight away.
  10. Repeat step 9 three times.
  11. Once your dragon has burnt the pretend person, repeat step 4.
  12. Repeat step 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

The Sahara Desert-7th piece in 2014


The Sahara Desert is in North Africa. On the border on the west is the Atlantic Ocean. On the north are Atlas Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. In the east is the Red Sea. And on the south is the Niger River.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Climate

You are probably wondering why it’s so hot in deserts. Well, this is because deserts get lots of sun and hardly any rain. There’s not much rain because when the hot air rises, it spreads out before it can form a cloud. And you need a cloud to carry rain. Only some hot air can stay together. So in the Sahara Desert, because it’s near the equator, it gets lots of sun and not much rain.

Dromedary Camel

The Dromedary Camel stores fat, food and water in its one hump. It doesn’t have a permanent home, it just runs around the desert having no place to settle down for a while. It has padded feet so it doesn’t sink into the sand. And the Dromedary Camel eats anything it can find.



Monitor Lizard

The Monitor Lizard lays eggs and once the mums lay the eggs they leave them to hatch and walk off somewhere else. Latin name: Varanus Indicus.

Horned Viper     

Another animal is the Horned Viper. It has horns to keep sand out of its eyes. It can grow up to half a metre. It’s nocturnal. Latin name: Vipera Ammodytes. Scientific name: Cerastes Cerastes.

Deathstalker Scorpion

And lastly is the Deathstalker Scorpion! This deadly creature has a tail that stores and shoots neurotoxin! Neurotoxin is venom that can affect the nervous system, the brain, the lungs and the heart. It can kill children or old people but just gives lots of pain to a healthy adult. It eats crickets. Latin name: Leiurus Quinquestriatus.


Some plants in the Sahara Desert are thymes, cacti and figs. Thymes are flowers with pink petals. They usually grow in bunches. Cacti are plants that have spikes in them to keep animals from eating them. Figs are purple and big when they’re ripe and green and small when they’re not ripe.

Non-living things

Usually people think that “non-living things” are dead things. They’re not!  They’re things that haven’t already been alive! For example, a dead cat would be a dead thing but some sand would be a non-living thing. In the Sahara Desert some of the non-living things are: sand, rocks and rock formations and wind.

Charlie’s Autobiography-6th piece in 2014

Hi, I’m Charlie. I was born in 2005. I live in Victoria. I live with my mum, dad, two brothers and my cat. I have a big sense of humour and I always love making my family and friends laugh!

I know that life means to me a lot. This is because lots of things in life make me happy or make me laugh. (I’ll give you tip, it’s hard to make me laugh, believe me!) So, if we didn’t have life, then we wouldn’t exist! And that’s why life is a very precious thing!

My outlook on the future is lots of things like: Music. My passion for music is very strong! I play the trombone and the piano. The trombone is a brass instrument. My teacher for trombone is Caitlin. The piano is a strings instrument. In the future I also want to be a comedian or a clown. I have a big passion for having fun, learning and laughing at myself.

I like myself because I have a big sense of humour, I can laugh at myself and I love learning. I like the way I help people. And if someone is struggling with work I help them but I don’t just tell them the answer, I help them in little bits.


Written by Charlie.

Everyone Should Learn To Cook-5th piece in 2014

I strongly agree that everyone should learn to cook.

Firstly, if you know how to cook, you can eat anytime because you only need a few ingredients and you can make something simple. It’s still tasty! For example, sometimes I have toasted sandwiches for dinner. It’s a pretty easy meal to cook but it always tastes wonderful! Cooking also gives you goals to explore new recipes and try new meals. So that’s a reason why everyone should learn to cook.

Secondly, it’s fun!  Maybe you like the feel of dough or you like the smell of a certain meal. You could try to make your own recipe and call it a family recipe for special occasions.  That’s another reason why everyone should learn to cook.

So that’s why I absolutely agree that everyone should learn to cook.

A Present!-4th piece in 2014

DING! DONG! The doorbell rang. I opened the door. No one was there but a present was left on the doorstep. I picked it up and read a tag on it that said: To: Charlie From: Anonymous.

I tried to open it but my hands couldn’t. Why? I put it on my bed and it randomly started rotting! “Charlie it’s time for dinner” Mum called. “Coming mum” I called back.

After dinner I ran back into my bedroom and there was something different about my present. Hhhhhmmmmm? I thought. “It’s SHRUNK! I yelled. I measured it and then watched TV.I came back ten minutes later and measured it again.I was right! It shrunk! In a week it shrunk so much even a fly couldn’t see it!

I told my dad that I needed a present fast! He only got me a present because it scared him when I shouted at him. In the end he got me a bar of soap. But I LOVE soap! The next day I was watching TV and I heard a DING DONG!

Bendigo-3rd piece in 2014

“Are we there yet?” I asked my Mum and Dad.

“Nearly… BENDIGO! Charlie, Albert, Oliver, we’re here!” Mum yelled.

“Let’s just go to the Shamrock” Oliver said tiredly.


“Mum, can Albert and I go to the lake to fly my kite?” I asked.

“Sure,” Mum replied. “But Charlie, tell Albert to bring his phone,” dad added. So Albert and I walked to the lake.

“Albert, this kite is flying so well…Oh! Oh! OH! HELP! HELP! HELP! The kite is so strong that I’m flying with it! I’m heading for the Shamrock!” I bumped into the window of our room and waved to mum, dad and Oliver looking at me in horror. My family got their friends to help and get out the trampoline (that the Shamrock uses for bored kids) and put it under me, then I let go… My heart was pounding… I bounced on the trampoline and did a triple somersault. I’m safe! I bounced on the trampoline for the rest of the day. My kite never flew so well ever again!