The Bike of Doom

VRROoooommm! A car drove past, a piece of paper flew through the air and landed right in front of Frank. It shone in the sunlight. Frank picked it up and soon found out that it was a bike map. It had all different bike routes in Moreland. On a hot summer’s afternoon this was the perfect thing to do. Go for a bike ride!

He ran home, grabbed his bike and helmet and rode off. He took a small glimpse at the map and quickly found where he was. He rode down Brunswick Rd until he got to the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail. He rode up it, watching a few people walking by. Frank finally worked out that they were all queuing up for something. He looked up at a sign saying Original Lolly Store.

That block was very reminiscent to him. He soon realised that it used to be a bike shop. It must be new, he thought. He queued up behind the rest of the people, thinking of what to buy when he realised he didn’t bring any money.

So he carried on riding until he saw a statue with a plaque that said: Remnants. Frank admired it for a moment then shook his head and focussed it back on the track. In the next few minutes he saw some pretty weird people: someone wearing a glass eye and a cloak, a stray, paranoid sphinx and what looked like a bald witch or something. He felt butterflies in his stomach but once he got to Pascoe Vale South he felt a bit better. Just when he was getting bored, he saw another bike.

Frank climbed off his bike and looked at the other one. It dazzled his eyes. It had 15 gears! He’d never seen a bike so magnificent! It had a note tied to it. Frank read out loud:

If you are a stranger,

Don’t think this is danger.

Please ride me here,

C’mon you little dear!

I don’t bite,

Jump on I’ll hold you tight!

Frank was bamboozled for a minute and then he said- “If it says I can, then I can! So he abandoned his bike and jumped on the other one. Suddenly, the bike bumped Frank off like at the rodeo! He blinked a few times then jumped on it again. But guess what, it bumped him off again! He tried one more time but yet again he got chucked off, this time, harder! He raised his eyebrow and turned around to his bike, but when he did that, he felt a hand on his shoulder!

Slowly he swivelled back around and saw the bike with arms poking out of the handlebars and a face on the front! When it saw the shocked expression on Frank’s face, it grinned. “Well, well, well. Another stranger” he said softly. “Who are you?!”

“Shoosh! Just jump on my back!”

“But you bumped me off!”

“JUST GET ON! He hesitated but eventually did. He got ready to be bumped off again but straight away it sped off in circles. Frank got dizzy and pulled the brake trigger. The bike stopped and Frank flew off regretting that he put on the brake.

“Why did you do that?!” said the bike on frustration. “I was dizzy. Are you trying to kill me?!” Frank asked. “Just jump back on!” -Sigh- Frank had no idea where the bike was taking him. “Where are we going?” The bike stopped suddenly. “You want to know? I’ll tell you! I’m taking you to the Bike Arena to kill you so my soul can escape from this bike and your soul will be stuck in it forever! MUHAHAHAHA!”

This was a lot for frank to take in. Bike Arena? Kill me? My soul stuck in a bike forever? Frank found and picked up a coin off the ground. He tapped it on the bike while he was thinking… He then noticed that this was denting the bike! He kept on doing it. The bike yelped for help but th louder it shouted, the harder Frank hurt it. After a while the bike was just a pile of metal.

So Frank got on his bike and rode back home. He bought a lolly at The Original Lolly Store with the coin he found. When he got home he saw a bike with a note stuck to it leaning on his house!