Intro to 2016


Hello World,

In 2016 I’m in Ant’s class and I can’t wait to get learning! I do expect that it will be a big step from year four to year five but I think I’m up for the challenge. This year I’m going to be in a class with year sixes and I’m hoping they can help me to get used to the independence and work expectations that run in a 5/6 classroom. Most of the year sixes in my class I know so that will probably help me to fit in to 5/6C.  But what I’m looking forward to the most is going to Canberra for camp. I know the bus trip is going to be long but I am still so excited to visit Parliament House (if we will).

In 2016 I expect more challenges and harder schoolwork/homework. I want to focus more in class so that I can get more out of lessons at school.