100WC-Superheros week 9

“Oh no! That tree is going to fall down and kill us! HELP!”

“Don’t worry, Nature Man is here!” Then suddenly there was this bright light and a man with a green afro flew out of nowhere. He held the tree so the people could run and then pushed it back into place. Nature Man is an environmental, nature-loving superhero! He loves nature and wants to save it. The environment is very important says Nature Man. One of his well-known powers is flower hypnosis which hypnotises the person looking at it and tells them what to do that will help nature. He is fantastic!

Here is the link to the prompt for this 100wc (it’s under “Week #9”)-https://100wc.net

The Buddy Program and it’s Benefits to the 5/6s

The buddy program is to help the 5/6s develop and improve on their responsibility, leadership and confidence skills. It helps us to be a responsible person and gives us something to be responsible for so that we get the feel of it. My buddy is Oliver and he is a very bright kid. He likes reading and maths and is a very talkative person. I think having a buddy will help me to understand what is required as a year 5 and what is not necessary. Over the sessions we spend with them we get to know them and learn how to care for young people. We are being a role model to them so we have to have leadership skills and we have to make sure the buddies learn from us and act the right way at school. We have to recognise and consider that they are only preps and are new to the school. They will naturally copy us so we have to use the right behaviour and show them the right thing to do. Lastly, we have to be confident and firm when around our buddy. We won’t take the easy way out and will challenge ourselves which will help us learn. The buddy program is a great learning opportunity for the 5/6s because we learn to be responsible, we improve our leadership skills and we have to be confident in order to help and understand your buddy.

Here is a picture of me and my buddy Oliver colouring in buddy bears.


Term 1 Integrated Studies Goals-Government

Unit Goals: Civics and Citizenship

As a result of this unit, I will


Unit Learning Goal 1: Civic knowledge and understanding       

I will describe the three levels of government and some of the key functions of each level.

I will understand the three government levels and some key info/actions of each level.

Unit Learning Goal 2: Civic knowledge and understanding


I will demonstrate understanding of the process of making and changing laws.

I will show understanding of how the laws are made and changed.

Unit Learning Goal 3: Community engagement

I will present a point of view on a significant current issue or issues and include recommendations about the actions that individuals and governments can take to resolve issues

I will give an opinion on an important recent issue(s) and also have suggestions about how the government and other people can act to solve it.

Unit Learning Goal 5: Literacy

I will show, through using an information text, that I can present my research and my own prior knowledge in an organised way.

Unit Learning Goal 6: Numeracy

I will explain who can vote and how they work out the numbers of votes and show this information in a diagram

Personal Learning Goals:

During this unit, I will stay focussed and make sure I can collaborate with others and reciprocally teach and help them.

Why I Should be a S.R.C Representative



My name is Charlie and I think I would make an awesome S.R.C representative for 2016 because…


Why do I want to be an S.R.C Representative?

I want to be a S.R.C rep because I like the idea of being able to help my school and improve it. The school helps me to learn so why shouldn’t I help it get better? Being an S.R.C rep helps me to build my confidence, leadership and responsibility. I also meet new people and get to know them throughout the year. It would be a challenge but I’m definitely up for it!


My Aim

S.R.C stands for Student Representative Council. It’s an organisation of kids that agree on ideas to raise money for the school. They also think of ideas on how to spend the money to make the school a better place. If I were a S.R.C rep I would come up with ideas to help us look like and be a better school, for example, to spend fundraiser money on an aboriginal flag to show that aborigines are welcomed at this school like everyone else. If I was a S.R.C rep I would be empathetic so that everyone was happy and able to learn. I wouldn’t be greedy and would think about and consider everyone’s ideas. I would be very open and let anyone come up and talk to me about his or her ideas. I would be nice and kind so that everyone could trust me. I would be responsible and be a leader to the rest of the school. My aim would be to be the most empathetic, open and responsible S.R.C rep I could be.


My S.R.C Experience

Well, when I was in year 2 I got chosen to be a S.R.C rep but in the middle of the year I wanted to stop because I felt it was too much responsibility. So they elected another S.R.C rep and I stopped. But once I grew older, I started to feel more confident and responsible and now that I’m in year 5 I thought that I really could take on the responsibility so I’ve decided that this year I could do it! This year I would have to be a leader to the young kids and help them to understand how the S.R.C works and what it is about but I’m in year 5 now and I am mature enough to be a leader. I’ve had a bit of experience, and I’m in year 5, so it would be great if I became an S.R.C rep this year.



Well that concludes my speech but I hope you thought about it and considered me to be your choice of a S.R.C rep because I am passionate about helping to improve the school, I am empathetic, open and responsible and because I’ve had experience of it already. I would love to become one and would highly appreciate it if you chose me to be one of our class’s S.R.C representatives.

Why Ant is Lucky to have me in his Class

Ant is lucky to have me in his class this year.


Firstly, I am pretty good at spelling because of my beautiful, brilliant brain. Whenever I try to remember the spelling of a word, I picture the word written on paper and that’s what makes it really easy for me. When we shared (in the communication circle) what we will bring to the class and something we need help with, I heard a few people say that they weren’t very good at spelling. So I’m a person they can go to for that!


Also, I will always get my homework and schoolwork done on time unless I have a very reasonable excuse for not finishing it on time e.g. this is homework and I have finished and posted it on my blog on time. Sometimes I might hand it in early if I have lots of time but usually it will be handed in on the due date. So far in the year I have been on top of my homework and plan to in the future. With schoolwork I will do the same and try to make sure that all my work is done on time. When it comes to work, you can rely on me.


Lastly, I have quite a bit of experience with computers. So if you or another student needs help with computer problems or just something you don’t know how to do I will always be happy to help. I’m more familiar with the netbooks than the older laptops but I’m willing to try. If I don’t know I’ll play around with it but if I’m really stuck I’ll just ask someone else.


So that is why Ant and my peer students are lucky to have me in their class this year.

Letter to Ant

Hi Ant,

I’ve read your letter and I’m so excited to spend this year learning from you. I was interested hearing that you have a metal rod in your leg. Luckily, I haven’t had the experience of being hit by a car but I bet it was really scary. You were lucky to have escaped with just an injured leg. There have probably been more severe injuries than that in other car accidents!

So now I’ll tell you about myself. My Mum’s name is Sigrid, my Dad’s name is Tim, my two brothers names are Alby (nearly 15) and Ollie (18) and my cat’s name is Sophie. I have a very musical family. My Mum plays the Saxophone (and used to play the Clarinet and Drums). My Dad sings, plays both Bass Guitar and Double-bass (and sometimes plays the Trombone). Ollie plays the piano (and can play the Trumpet). Alby plays the Drums (and can play the Trumpet too). And I play the Piano and the Trombone.

Now that you know about my family, I’ll tell you about some of my favourite things. I play cricket and soccer. I also like to watch cricket and soccer. I follow the Melbourne Renegades in the BBL (Big Bash League) and in the soccer I follow Melbourne City in the A-League and Arsenal in the EPL (English Premier League). Some of the music I like is Hiatus Kaiyote, The Bamboos, Thirty Seventy and I listen to PBS-106.7FM. I also like playing card games like Spit, Patience, Spoons, Go Fish, Presidents and Idiots etc. I also like board games like Monopoly, The Game of Life, Trouble just to name a few.

Did you know that we renovated our house? We did up the old half that we kept and demolished the other part to rebuild that bit. Now we have a giant house and no real backyard. That doesn’t really matter because I’ve gotten used to it and I’m pretty busy with other things like practising my instruments, reading, cricket and soccer etc. Now the house has a new bit with a studio for all the instruments and then there’s my Dad’s study just upstairs from that. We also built an upstairs room for Ollie and now all the boys have separate rooms. So renovating the house took away the backyard but I think the house has a nice modern touch to it and is pretty cool.

On the holidays I went to Torquay and we went to my Grandad’s old farm and stayed there for two nights. The first night we left a bit late because we had a flat tyre on one of our cars. We needed two cars because Ollie’s girlfriend Eva (or more well known as Sunny), came. The flat tyre turned out to have a rusty nail in it so my Dad waited for the RACV while we went off in the other car. We got there at about 11:30 and I got to bed really late (around 12:00)! The next day we decided to go to the beach. My Mum and Dad walked and got sausage rolls and pies for lunch on the way while the rest of us drove (Ollie’s on his red P’s). We had a fun time at the beach. I made some sand castles and buried myself in the sand waist to toe. I also went in the water to have a splash and I came home all sandy and wrinkly. That night we had a barbecue and ate chicken, lamb and cooked mushrooms. When I was just about to take my plate to the kitchen, a bird smashed into the window, brushed Ollie’s shoulder, brushed my leg and flew off! That was really weird! After that we went to bed. I was extremely tired!

When we woke up we had to wait until my Uncle Matt and Cousin Macy came because we were going to do a working bee. Ollie and Sunny weren’t because they wanted to go to the beach. When Matt and Macy finally arrived we walked down to some of my Grandad’s land. We got there in no time. Although the sun was burning hot, we started straight away. We were supposed to pull out wattle so that we can build a holiday house there. It was so hard! In the hot, sweaty conditions, I couldn’t stand it much longer. After a couple of hours we finally stopped and walked back to find that Ollie and Sunny were already back and they’d brought rolls for lunch. The rest of that day we just played cards and rested. I won most of the Spit games but I wasn’t very good at Spoons or Presidents and Idiots. After a while we had to leave but Matt and Macy were going to stay for a few nights. When I got home I was so tired and ready to go to bed.

So I hope you’ve learnt some things about my family and I.

From Charlie