BTN-Indigenous Parliament

This BTN clip was about Audrey and other young indigenous Australians from around the country who experienced a trip to Canberra. They went there to discuss Indigenous Parliament and why it is important.

Firstly, the young Indigenous Australians received a speech on law-making and the experiences of a politician from politician Josh Freydenberg who works with the Prime Minister. They also debated about things like how Indigenous Australians were actually the first Australians in the constitution.Lastly, Audrey got to give her speech to politicians about some issues from where she comes from (Engawala-near Alice Springs) that are important to her. Why did Audrey go to Adelaide? Has Indigenous Parliament ever been discussed or even brought up before? Indigenous Australians do have the power to change things and make a difference.


Blue=Facts (3)

Green=Questions (2)

Red=Insights/understandings (1)

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The Uncontrollable Family

“He started it!” shouted Anastasia.

“I don’t care who started it just stop it!” Sonya shouted back. When the connection broke between brother and sister there was a sickening silence. Not long after it was broken by a distant bang coming from Carl’s room. Then Sonya started crying. I can’t control my kids she thought. Shouting at them doesn’t work. So she tried to be more polite and ask them nicely and calmly but they still couldn’t get rid of or even hold in their hatred for each other. Separating them didn’t work either! What could she do now! She was out of ideas!

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B.T.N-New P.M

This B.T.N clip was about Malcolm Turnbull and how he became a part of government, and later, the Prime Minister.

Malcolm Turnbull was born in Sydney, went to Sydney Grammar School, Sydney University and got a scholarship to go to Oxford University which played a part in him being a well known journalist, lawyer and successful businessmen worth $100 000 000! Malcolm was elected as a member of the Liberal Party and later as the leader, he then got kicked out and replaced by Tony Abbott who, soon after became the Prime Minister. I know that Malcolm didn’t agree with Tony and wanted to take over to do what he thought was right and change things in a way that would make Australia a better place. 

So Malcolm asked Tony for a vote for the liberal party and Tony got 44 votes but Malcolm got 54 which meant that Malcolm became the new Prime Minister. Did Malcolm want to become Prime Minister just because he thought Tony wasn’t running the country well or was there another motivation behind it all? What are the specific changes Malcolm wants to make in this country?


Blue=Facts (3)

Green=Questions (2)

Red=Insights/understandings (1)

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100WC-The Three Men Week 10

The Three Men

These three men seem to be discussing an issue or problem. The one who is making a hand gesture has a suit jacket and could be a politician. He looks a bit concerned about something. The one closest to him is wearing a hat and a tunic. He is trying to understand the first man. He looks a bit confused and worried. The other man is wearing a different hat that is a kind of cylinder. He has bare feet and is also listening to the first man. His face is hidden but he looks like he kind of understands the first man.

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My Multiculator and it’s Deadly Doings

My Malticulator is called Max. He is an exotic animal that lives in a volcano. He was born in a cold environment, which is strange when you think about where he lives.This liking for hot weather leads to eating fire. He eats fire which produces lava that comes out of his mouth later (between 5-6 hours). Since his habitat is a volcano, he is a natural assistant to his habitat. He adds to the lava in the volcano due to his likeness of it. He uses his giant body to hide his body parts and look like an unknown, scary creature. Because he’s a very vulnerable prey this is sufficient. When this vulnerable but great predator starts a hunt, it prowls around as voraciously as a tiger but as quiet as a mouse. He will experiment with the choice of his prey but once he spots it he gets a tingle of loathe down his spine and then he suddenly pounces and traps it in his tenacious paws. After it has been caught, he will suspend it from a tree branch to store it and also as a symbol of hate. My animal likes to use the prey as a boxing bag because he loves it when he’s bored.
This interesting, quiet and voracious creature is actually a very malicious animal…