BTN-Chook Science

This BTN clip was about 11 year old Iggy Fox and his discovery about the shapes and sizes of eggs.

Iggy thought that his chickens were producing bigger eggs than normal because they had been indulging in worms which are a source of protein. Iggy’s hypotheses was, because the chickens had been eating extra protein they were making larger eggs. To find out, he put the chickens on a high protein diet for 14 days to see whether their eggs would be bigger, he measured and weighed the eggs each day to form an average for each and found that his hypotheses was true! Iggy’s chickens were producing larger eggs than usual that weighed up to 119g! 

Has anyone ever thought about or tested this theory before? Now that people know this info, will they use it to make their chickens produce bigger eggs?





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100WC Week15-The Strange Six

100WC prompt week15

This week I’m really trying to use the simple sentence structure (SUBJECT-VERB-OBJECT) in my writing to improve it and make it more interesting.

Walking past, a mysterious teenager and his friend chucked their purple, dirty and crunched up cans on the ground right next to the bins. “Oiy, you! yelled Red. We’re here for a reason you know!” The boys suddenly stopped walking away.

“Calm down Red” Grey whispered.

Red already knew he had overdone it. The boys quickly glanced back and smirked at the shiny green recycling bins that were now being silent. Talking bins. How stupid are we? they thought. All the bins twitched in anger at the sight of the two dirty, environment hating teenagers. Well, that’s probably how the bins would put it.

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BTN-Science Kids

This BTN clip was about a primary school in Brisbane that is teaching science. This proves that you’re never to young to learn and understand science.

At this school, they’re learning about molecules, atoms, elements and much more. They can learn and understand a lot of science and it’s complicated side if they’re keen to.

If they learn about science at a young age they could get more interested about it in the future. Do they get excited and fascinated because it’s new to them and it’s hard to believe or do they just naturally get interested by it? Why haven’t other schools tried this or have they?Young minds can still learn, understand and really get into science.





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Term 2 Integrated Studies Goals-Science

Science goals:

I understand:

Yr 5:

  • Solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways.
    Yr 6:
  • Changes to materials can be reversible, such as melting, freezing, evaporating; or irreversible, such as burning and rusting.
  • Science involves testing predictions by gathering data and using evidence to develop explanations of events and phenomena.

Yr 5 & 6:

I can:

  • Suggest improvements to the methods used to investigate a question or solve a problem.

Maths goals:

  • Compare data with predictions and use as evidence in developing explanations.

Literacy goals:

  • Take notes on my reading that will help me create a reflection or summary and when I am creating explanations for observations in experiments.
  • Create scientific explanations and lab reports that follow a conventional outline and that clearly communicate my understanding.

100WC Week 14-The Mysterious Box

“Ding dong!” The doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw there was a small box on the doorstep. I picked it up and noticed it was extremely heavy. Then I put it down in the kitchen and opened it. Closing my eyes I put my hand in the box and felt searing pain. I was in agony! I quickly pulled my hand out of it and closed it. I hadn’t taken even the slightest glance at what was in it due to my overwhelming fear. I looked at my hand that was being drained of blood. What will I tell mum and dad?!

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100WC Week 13-Jake’s Thing

“What’s so funny?!” demanded Jake.
“You’ve got a thing!” giggled Stan.
“What?!” Jake shouted.
“It’s just a spot, but I wouldn’t advise you to touch it” Stan said seriously now. Jake didn’t listen. He just went ahead and pinched it. Nothing happened except the fact that it grew a bit more each day. A few week’s later Jake went to a doctor and he put some cream on it. It suddenly started growing rapidly. The doctor panicked but the spot just grew and grew until it nearly covered half of his face! “This is not good!” shouted the doctor…

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BTN-Governor General

This BTN clip was about the Governor General’s responsibilities and rights and how Peter Cosgrove took over from Quentin Bryce as the Governor General.

The Governor General is a representative of the Head of State, the Queen, and the Governor General has rights like being able to appoint judges and Government officials and fire the P.M but he/she also has the responsibilities of making sure everything’s done by the book and approving laws. Retired Chief of the Australian Defence Force Peter Cosgrove has taken over the position of Governor General that used to belong to Quentin Bryce. Quentin Bryce, who became Governor General in 2008 was the first female Governor General ever!

I wonder why Peter Cosgrove took over from Quentin Bryce? I wonder how the Governor General is decided? The Governor general doesn’t have much say in how the country is run but he/she is still very important.


Blue=Facts (3)

Green=Questions (2)

Red=Insights/understandings (1)

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100WC Week12-The Sumnum Fish and Chippery

There is a fish and chip shop by the beach owned by Sam’s family. It’s called “The Sumnum Fish and Chippery” because Sumnum is their surname. They serve some weird fish like flying fish (which don’t actually fly but simply jump). Sometimes they lie about where the fish come from to make them sound more interesting.

“Those fish smell disgusting!” Sam commented. “Pooooweeee!”

“Well you can have some chips then” Sam’s dad decided.

“Sweet! I love chips!” As Sam walked over to retrieve some chips he passed a few flake lying on the bench in a row. Poor fish he thought.


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BTN-Young Leaders

This BTN clip was about National Young Leaders Day and how it taught and inspired kids to become a leader one day or just simply act on issues that they are passionate about.

A good leader should be able to, in whatever way, communicate well. They should be responsible as well as sensible, empathetic, positive and open. Lastly, they should be a good example and role model to inspire others. Are leaders always independent or do they usually collaborate with others?

Leaders have different methods of leading and are passionate about different things but they all set goals, accomplish them and influence others. Why are different leaders so passionate about different things?


Blue=Facts (3)

Green=Questions (2)

Red=Insights/understandings (1)

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