BTN-Daily Bread

This BTN clip is about bread and different bread’s diversity.

Firstly, we grow wheat which is full of carbohydrates that we burn to give our bodies energy. The wheat grains are then crushed and turned into white or wholemeal flour that is included in bread along with water, salt, sugar and yeast which is a living organism that helps the bread rise. Many nutritionists recommend wholegrain breads because the white flour used to make most bread only comes from the middle bit, the endosperm but wholegrain breads use the wholegrain including the bran and the germ which contain lots of the nutrients like fibre, iron and protein. Is white bread more popular than wholegrain bread? Why/why not?

Bread is a popular food but some breads are healthier than others.





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My Goals for Semesters 1 and 2

These were my goals for Semester 1:


I want to improve on decimals, fractions and percentages. I’ve learnt about them but I want to improve my knowledge of them to 5/6 level. I also want to be more efficient with work so I’m ready for each period. I want to learn about some stronger ways to improve my writing like more sophisticated editing strategies. I’ll always attentively listen in and out of class so I’ll know what to do. Lastly, to be ready for each lesson and remember to bring everything. This is a high expectation for 5/6.


This is my reflection for my Semester 1 goals:


I have covered decimals when I’ve explored vertical decimal multiplication. However, I’ve improved on how fast I finish my work. I’ve also done lots of work on writing strategies like simple, complex and compound sentences, show not tell and making emotional connections. I’ve been attentively listening and even stepping up to make everyone else do the same. I’ve definitely been organised and I’m sometimes in the room even before Ant! Overall, I’ve been working on all my goals as much as I can.


These are my goals for Semester 2:


To make sure I get my homework done, I’ll plan out each week’s homework in my diary. I also want to apply what I learn at school to everyday life. Another thing is to organise my thinking in lessons into a way that is easy to understand and look back on. I think I should work on staying on task in class. I could set limits of things I can say to others. I also want to step up and do things like helping others when they are distracted or doing the wrong thing. This is what a good role model does.

100WC-I Got This Hat

“No! My beloved hat!” I watched as my favourite hat slowly flew through the air and landed right in the shredder and shredded to bits. I couldn’t believe it! That was the hat that saved my life! I walked away in shock like my whole family had just died. I suddenly broke into a run and fell onto the floor. My eyes were pouring with tears. My mum walked in and noticed me lying on the floor. My eyes were now closed and I couldn’t breath. Then suddenly I felt something land on my head. I couldn’t believe it. It had come back from the dead!

This is me wearing my awesome hat:


100WC Week19-The Evil Mastermind

My goal for this 100WC is to make the audience want more.

“Go fetch me a beer Don!” The dark image of a small, chubby figure scuttled away at once. Soon after, it came back into the room with a beer. Lartencer snatched it off him muttering rude words. Don didn’t appreciate this sort of behaviour but was used to it. Lartencer was now thinking about evil schemes he had once attempted. He snorted a few times and even laughed out loud. This scheme was definite to succeed. He felt it. Then something stopped the train of his thought. He stared at the fire as the flame flickered and then went out.

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BTN-Shark Science

This BTN clip was about ways that research as proven to repel sharks but reminds us that the chances of getting attacked by a shark are extremely low.

Researchers at the University of Western Australia are studying the senses of some port jackson sharks like sight, hearing and even detection of really weak electric fields! Why can sharks only detect really weak electric fields?

They found that sharks only see in black and white and are most sensitive to low sounds like passing schools of fish (their favourite food)! They also found that some sharks react differently to the electric fields like port jackson sharks who actually like them unlike bamboo sharks who can’t breath when you add electricity to their egg! Are these the only ways to repel sharks?

There isn’t a definite shark repellent yet so for now don’t let the thought ruin your beach fun! 





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100WC Week18-The Rough Night

My goal for this 100WC is to make a clear theme and message.

“Come back! HELP!” He suddenly woke up and gasped. He looked down at his sweaty, orange pyjamas in shock. He had just had a dream where he was floating away from his family. He tried to call out to them but the thunder was too loud. The more he swam, the faster he floated away from them. Then he fell down a waterfall and woke up. It was the worst dream he had ever experienced and he had experienced some really horrible nightmares. After a few minutes of silence, he ran to his parents’ bedroom and hugged them with all his might.

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Class Masters/Prepared Speech-What is Dark Matter?

Cue Cards:

  • Hello
  • What
  • What do
  • How much universe
  • Who first to find out about it


  • D.M hypothetical form matter invisible doesn’t emit absorb light
  • Has gravitational effect means
  • How exerts helps gravity keeps stars together orbit


  • Effect makes detectable
  • Probably wondering how much in universe
  • Surprisingly, 4 times more common normal matter-visible, e.g.
  • Reason 4 times more common spread space-can’t see


  • Exact amount universe unknown estimates range approx. 25% to approx. 95%
  • First suggest existence Dutch astronomer Jacobus Kapteyn 1922


  • Also known extensive studies Milky Way
  • But back dark matter
  • He used evidence stellar velocities
  • Stellar velocities speeds stars orbit


  • Others undertaken related studies such as Jan Oort + Fritz Zwicky
  • Something like the cryogenic dark matter detector-Iron Mine-Minesota which in U.S.A is focussed on dark matter


  • Also, telescopes designed specifically evidence dark matter on earth + in space
  • We’re coming end so conclusion hope enjoyed,+ learned things-D.M
  • Thank you


In preparation for my speech some difficulties I faced were finding some meaningful information about Dark Matter that I understood well. Some of the information I found was a bit technical and in adult language. Another difficulty that came up while preparing my speech was actually finding some juicy background information about Dark Matter because I could’ve answered my question in just a few sentences but I had to fill in time with other relevant info.

The strong points of my presentation were the actual presentation. I was very confident and proud. I understood what I was talking about because I could confidently answer questions about it without checking my cue cards. I also think the order of my information was set out well. I transitioned from each subject and tried to engage the audience in such a scientific matter.

Some work habits I could change to achieve higher results next time are getting my speech organised early so I don’t leave it to the last minute and produce a less organised and practised speech than I could’ve. Maybe I also could’ve tried to fit more in to my speech to make it better because I had an extra 30 seconds.

I could use my skills of speaking and listening in debating because debating is all about speaking and listening to others’ points. I could also use these skills for impromptu/spontaneous speeches. This will be done later in the year so it’s good to be ready for it.

Here are 5 things that were done well (throughout the class):

-We didn’t use too much scientific language and when we did we explained it clearly

-We used clear pictures/graphs and explained them

-We researched well and found relevant info to follow up with explanatory answers

-Our cue-cards were just to give us an idea so we weren’t reading straight off them but speaking to the audience

– We had a fair amount of eye-contact and didn’t check our cue-cards too often

Here are 3 things to avoid when public speaking:

-Don’t look at just one person so try and look and speak to everyone

-Don’t read straight off a sheet so try and speak instead of read to the audience

-Don’t go on too much and go off on a tangent so try to keep everything relevant to the subject

Here are 3 personal goals for future presentations:

-To memorise the speech mostly so I can focus on other aspects of the speech like eye-contact and hand gestures

-To order my sub-topics in a way that each one follows on from each other and transitions well

-To relate my topic to the audience so it’s clearer and easier for them to relate to and understand


BTN-Science Week/Sleek Geeks

This BTN was about three of the finalists for the Sleek Geeks Eureka video prize in 2015.

Two of the finalists where Gigi and Ella who used acting, moviemaking and even science just to find out simple question-why onions make you cry. They made a whole video explaining it with a balance of scientific concepts and concepts that are easy to understand. What part of the moviemaking do they enjoy the most?

The other finalist was William who explained why seaweed is brown and not green doing things like simplifying scientific concepts so the kids would understand the science behind it better. Why did these kids choose these particular topics?

If kids are motivated with events like this they will be more interested in science, which might lead to them considering a science-based career.





Here is the link to the BTN clip-

100WC Week 17-The Regretful Brother

My writing goal for this week’s 100wc is to make the audience feel more emotionally connected with the character(s).

“I dare you!” shouted Daniel.

“Fine, but you’ll soon see how tough I am” replied Emma. She walked up the step ladder and reached out to the ladder. Extremely slowly and steadily she climbed up the wobbly ladder. Once she got up to the top, she nervously climbed onto the highly dangerous branch. Suddenly, the unsteady branch jolted and Emma gave a quiet and quick squeal. Then it fell completely off the tree and made a loud crunch as it landed on the long, rough and patchy grass! Daniel, in complete shock automatically hysterically screamed and ran to Emma! He would never forgive himself.

Here is the link to the prompt (under “this week’s 100wc”)-

Semester 1 Goals

   What I Want to Learn

  • I want to learn and improve on decimals, fractions and percentages
  • To be more efficient with my work
  • I want to learn about some stronger ways to edit and improve my writing

List examples of things I could do that would show I’m trying to meet my goal:

  • See if I can relate fractions to real life as much as possible (make connections to division)
  • Set a time limit and check in along the way to see if I’m going to get it done
  • Have a specific focus for editing, concentrate hard on one particular aspect at a time

         How I Learn and Behave

  • Make sure I’m always attentively listening in class and outside
  • Be ready for each lesson and make sure I remember to bring everything

List examples of things I could do that would show I’m trying to meet my goal:

  • To ignore all distractions in class and focus on the person speaking
  • Create a check-list for when I get things out of my locker to make sure I get everything


This year I would like to learn about/get better at:

  • I want to learn more about science and chemical reactions with experiments