100WC Week19-The Evil Mastermind

My goal for this 100WC is to make the audience want more.

“Go fetch me a beer Don!” The dark image of a small, chubby figure scuttled away at once. Soon after, it came back into the room with a beer. Lartencer snatched it off him muttering rude words. Don didn’t appreciate this sort of behaviour but was used to it. Lartencer was now thinking about evil schemes he had once attempted. He snorted a few times and even laughed out loud. This scheme was definite to succeed. He felt it. Then something stopped the train of his thought. He stared at the fire as the flame flickered and then went out.

Here is the link to the prompt (under “Week#19”)-https://100wc.net/

One thought on “100WC Week19-The Evil Mastermind

  1. Charlie- this is another outstanding piece! Starting with the command establishes the tone. Following with the vivid description, “dark image of a small, chubby figure” we immediately have a strong feeling for the characters. Your choice of sentence length also helps build the tension. But it is your choice of verbs that most strongly moves this piece along. Finally, by building up this tension and ending with the flame flickering out you most certainly achieved your goal of leaving me wanting more-

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