My Goals for Semesters 1 and 2

These were my goals for Semester 1:


I want to improve on decimals, fractions and percentages. I’ve learnt about them but I want to improve my knowledge of them to 5/6 level. I also want to be more efficient with work so I’m ready for each period. I want to learn about some stronger ways to improve my writing like more sophisticated editing strategies. I’ll always attentively listen in and out of class so I’ll know what to do. Lastly, to be ready for each lesson and remember to bring everything. This is a high expectation for 5/6.


This is my reflection for my Semester 1 goals:


I have covered decimals when I’ve explored vertical decimal multiplication. However, I’ve improved on how fast I finish my work. I’ve also done lots of work on writing strategies like simple, complex and compound sentences, show not tell and making emotional connections. I’ve been attentively listening and even stepping up to make everyone else do the same. I’ve definitely been organised and I’m sometimes in the room even before Ant! Overall, I’ve been working on all my goals as much as I can.


These are my goals for Semester 2:


To make sure I get my homework done, I’ll plan out each week’s homework in my diary. I also want to apply what I learn at school to everyday life. Another thing is to organise my thinking in lessons into a way that is easy to understand and look back on. I think I should work on staying on task in class. I could set limits of things I can say to others. I also want to step up and do things like helping others when they are distracted or doing the wrong thing. This is what a good role model does.

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