BTN-Fun Science

This BTN clip was about how scientists and teachers are trying to encourage and motivate kids to get interested in science because the number of people that are studying science has dramatically dropped.

Why did the kids stop so dramatically being interested in science?They are trying to get the kids into science by getting out and experimenting with nature. Another motivation for science is the Australian Museum Science Awards which is a competition to see the most committed, science-loving and amazing kid show their work in a short video.Will their be more contests and programs like this to encourage kids?

These things make kids passionate about science and make them consider becoming a scientist.The kids are passionate about it and are hungry for information as well as the teachers and parents who are getting a bit out of it too. 





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100WC Week16-The Sudden Angel Appearance

“MUM!” shouted Angela.

{Sigh}-Sam sighed. Angela told her mother about what had happened. Andy ran to his room at the sound of his mother’s footsteps. He dreaded punching his sister a minute ago even more each time he heard another loud, echoing footstep. Finally, he closed his eyes and pretended to sleep on his bed. His cross mother came in and told him off with gritted teeth. Once she left the room Andy thought about what he’d done. Suddenly, a glistening angel appeared in the air in front of Andy. She said just 4 important words-“Think before you act”.

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