BTN-Violent Toys

This BTN clip was about toys and how some people think they can be too violent for children but others think it’s not such a big deal.

30% of all Lego sets contain weapons such as swords, guns and lightsabers and 40% of pages in Lego catalogues show violent or threatening behaviour. Researchers say that Lego isn’t the only one to blame because they reckon it’s happening with other toys, games, TV shows and even movies too which is worrying to some people who think they might effect and encourage their kids to act more aggressively. Do most kids like that it’s violent and why/why not? Lego says it’s products show a range of activities like construction, fantasy and conflict which are all a normal part of kids development. Does Lego really need violence in their products or would it be better without it? Violent toys isn’t something to get too worried about but certainly would be worth it to think about.





Here is the link to the BTN clip-BTN-Violent Toys

100WC Week 22-Cecilia’s Surprise

Cecilia stepped inside. She immediately noticed that the cookies weren’t eaten. Slowly walking across the room to the backyard she noticed the certain but sweet sound of the violin. She ran up the stairs totally oblivious of the pile of swept up yellow leaves. Finally, she got to a room and opened the door. Then she smiled at the sight of her son playing violin. She also noticed that his toy airplane wasn’t flying around the room. Trying to find things to pick on she kept opening her mouth and then closing it again looking ashamed. Sam had changed and was clearly growing.

Here is the link to this week’s 100WC prompt (under “Week#22”)-100WC Prompt

People Who Play Sport in 5/6

Does Doesn’t
Year 5 2 7
Year 6 9 2

Sport Bar Graph

I chose this type of graph for this data because it is easy to compare. The columns are next to each other so it is easy to compare just that data and check the difference. This graph was chosen also because the data was originally in a 2-way table. This means that not many graphs can show the data in an effective and accurate way. That’s why I chose a bar graph to display this data.

BTN-Sprint Science

This BTN clip was about how sprinting isn’t all it seems to be and that there is a deeper science involved in it than you think.

As a sprinter, it definitely helps to be tall for those long strides. It’s also good to have a high percentage of fast twitch fibres that help with power and speed rather than more slow twitch fibres which have more endurance so they are better for long distance runners. Are there any other fibres that help with other things? Most sprinters have strong upper bodies because it helps to balance out the power and speed of the legs because your arms and legs need to move in unison. How much would it slow you down if your arms and legs didn’t move in unison? Summing up, sprinting isn’t just about running fast in a straight line, there’s a lot of science and technique involved as well. 





Here is the link to the BTN clip-BTN-Sprint Science

100WC Week21-The Dominant Computer

“Soccer Frenzy! I love it!” Josh ran over to Adrian’s computer. Josh suddenly screamed. Adrian hysterically sprinted up the stairs in panic. When he got there he slowly opened his mouth as he saw a tiny Josh shouting help from inside the computer screen! Adrian covered his mouth and fainted. Josh’s eyes and mouth were now unimaginably wide. Not too long after, he decided to play the game since he had no hope. After 2 minutes of the match, Josh remembered something about the game but it was too late because the match had finished. A whistle blew and everyone disappeared including Josh…

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Buddies-Food Faces

Me and my buddy Oliver did an activity together because Oliver is learning about healthy bodies and healthy food. We both made food faces. My face was alright but Oliver’s was even cooler! He made a cyclops! We also got to eat our faces! No! Not our own silly! The ones we made out of food! I had a great time and enjoyed making a funny food face.

Here is a picture of both my food face and Oliver’s too:





BTN-Free Range

This BTN was about the different opinions on what free range actually means.

It’s arguable as to what free range actually is because some farmers have different ideas to others but the reason they don’t make tougher rules is because they think that farmers might go back to putting their hens in cages because it’s expensive to farm free range eggs. The thing is, some farmers think there should only be allowed 1,500 hens per hectare but other farmers think that there should be allowed a whopping 20,000 hens per hectare! Is there any farmers that have other ideas about how many hens should be allowed per hectare? What is the actual limit on how many hens are allowed per hectare or is it just as much as you want?

Consumer groups would like to have clearer laws for Aussie egg producers like an agreed limit on the amount of chickens allowed in one space. They also want to know about where their eggs come from so they want to see clearer labels on egg cartons since they deserve to know because sometimes free range eggs are more expensive than caged eggs. 





Here is the link to the BTN clip-BTN-Free Range


100WC Week20-The Tantrum

“Denial will never bring him back Daniel” John whispered. “Shut up John. You wouldn’t know anything about this”
“Well actually, I’ve lost a few friends and family in the past. I know what it feels like.” At this statement, Daniel felt a sudden burning feeling inside. He could not express the hatred he now had for John. John didn’t understand his pain at all. Daniel was on edge and about to burst. Suddenly, he threw his book at John and shouted “YOU HAVE NO IDEA!” Then he stormed off. John looked down at his feet feeling ashamed.

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