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Labor! Liberal! Labor! Liberal! Have you ever even considered voting for the greens? Well, if you haven’t, I highly suggest you do. One of the key reasons the greens are a very responsible party is that their leader is Richard Di Natale. I believe that the greens are a great party and you should definitely vote for them. Here are just some of the many reasons why Richard Di Natale and the greens are a fantastic party.

To start off, these epic, ego and environmentally helping heroes know that helping the environment will help the people. They know the beneficial effects there policies will make on not just the environment but the people as well. The greens believe that a healthy environment means healthy people. They have the ability to focus on the environment and the people. On the other hand, when you look at the Labor or Liberal party they don’t send that same environment friendly vibe that the greens never fail to achieve. This shows that the greens are a very strong party and are lead very well. So make sure you remember that the greens don’t just know but care about the environment which can benefit the people of Australia.

Another valuable aspect of the greens is that they persist! They don’t cry or sob or anything like that because they’re tough and never ever give up! Do you really want a cowardly party to govern our nation? I don’t think so! You want a stable, brave and responsible government! The greens can provide this. Whatever the other parties throw at them they can handle it and keep on going. They’re not the most popular yet but them and the Aussie people are learning and improving. By now, lots of Australian citizens believe in the greens and know that they are the most reasonable, responsible and rockin’ party they’re is! So, if you’re considering supporting the greens (which I highly recommend) take into account that they’re persistence is a great quality to have when fighting to become the governing party.

My third and final reason why you should get behind the good old greens is because they know what they’re doing. The Liberal and Labor party aren’t completely stable but the greens have the tactics to persuade you that they’re right! They have a mix of confidence and wits which are both essential qualities in a party. You need to have confidence to assure the citizens that you know what you’re doing. Don’t hold back. Wit is another aspect needed. You need to have information about what the people want and what they don’t. If you take that into account they’ll know they can trust you know what you’re doing. These aren’t the only qualities the greens have but they’re the two key ones that really help them in the running for government.

Summing up, the greens care about the people and the environment and know how they relate. They persist and never ever give up! And finally, they know what they’re doing. I hope I’ve persuaded you to support the greens or at least consider voting for them.

Here is the link for the BTN clip-BTN-Rookie Reporter Election

2 thoughts on “BTN-Rookie Reporter Leaders

  1. Another outstanding piece Charlie,
    you confidently make excellent use of emotive language that is strengthened with words like ‘never’ and ‘need’ as commands.
    You use a bunch of great rhetorical techniques like alliteration, power of 3s and making your opinion comfortable and connected to the audience with terms like “good old greens” and “reasonable, responsible and rockin'”.
    To further emphasise the way you make us familiar with your chosen side, you also use emotionally loaded words such as ‘cowardly’ when you refer to the opposing side, clearly indicating your low opinion without coming across as unreasonable,
    great work,

  2. Thanks for recognising those features of my persuasive text. I’ll remember to include all those aspects in future persuasive texts.

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