100WC-The Purple Kidnapper

My goal for this week is to prompt and leave clues for the audience to infer and imagine.

My prompt for this week was these 5 words to include in my writing:

Sunshine,   Ice,    Frightened,    Purple,    Flew

Two frightened boys ran past dropping some ice from their drinks. Soon after, it flew after them. The ice slowly started to melt in the sunshine and soon was plainly liquid. In that time, the purple creature caught up to them and made a loud, fierce, terrifying roar. The two boys stood there and stared up into it’s giant yellow eyes. They tried to run but it grabbed them with it’s vastly strong claws. It’s wings started to flap and soon after it was airborne. Then Suddenly, it flew away with tremendous speed and agility.

BTN-Seed Bank


The seed bank is a place that keeps seeds. They store seeds from Brazil to Mexico to India to Zimbabwe to Azerbaijan, you get the idea. There are 865 000 different types of crop seeds, like wheat, barley, potato and almost 150 000 different types of rice. I will persuade you why the seed bank is essential for the future of humans, animals, earth and obviously plants! It is not a waste of money!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking seeds, what good will they do us! They’re just seeds for goodness sake! Well, let me convince you that we need seeds. Some plants are becoming rare because some farmers aren’t growing them anymore. They could be destroyed by natural disasters or outbreaks of disease. Climate change or even war can harm plants. So if we keep seeds, we can recover plants that we need to grow food. This is why we need a place to store these little fellas! This huge frozen vault A.K.A the seed bank in the arctic is perfect for the job! The seed bank stores 850 000 types of crop seeds! 850 000! That’s about the age of a grandma times 10 000! So, the next time you think about a seed bank think of it as something that will benefit us and our future hugely!

Another reason why the seed bank isn’t a waste of money is because it has a range of seeds. Imagine if we all lived on 1 food. That would be disastrous. The seed bank helps to keep a range of crops alive because they store them at freezing temperatures which sort of freezes them in time. This means that they can be used to grow into plants centuries later. So, if anything bad happens to the earth we’ve always got a back up. Wheat, barley, potato and rice are just some of the many delicious but simple crops the seed bank’s seeds grow into. As a result, we can eat a range of good foods and grow them whenever we need to.

Lastly, everyone is doing it! Nearly every corner of the world stores some of their seeds in the seed bank. Lots of places are already involved in this phenomenon and are planning to add to their vast collection of seeds. Australia is one of the places that is included in this miraculous marvel. They keep 11 000 seeds in the seed bank and plan to extend on this. If native species get wiped out like the gum tree for instance they wouldn’t be found anywhere else and would become extinct. This is a problem for animals’ habitats. In Australia alone we have over 20 000 native species of plants which is why we have so many seeds kept in the seed bank. Summing up, lots of places are doing it and know that it’s a wise thing to do to prepare for the future.

In conclusion, the seed bank is a future formulating, fantastically flexible, faultlessly feasible fanatical fan that assists the future of humans, animals, earth and obviously plants!