BTN-Disaster Recovery

Help! It’s a flood! This isn’t something you say or hear everyday is it? Pretty unusual huh? Well, you’d be surprised to know that in some places like Pakistan this can be emphasised a lot. In August 2010, Pakistan was having some pretty rough times. Floods were happening and we all know how devastating natural disasters can get. If you’ve been involved in one you’ll know what I mean but if not, here are some reasons why, after these chaotic events have happened, we should support those places to help them recover and get back on their feet because some natural disasters can be so destructive that it takes years for the places hit to rebuild and recuperate.

Firstly, what is there to lose! Sure maybe some money, food and water but we haven’t just been hit by a catastrophic event have we? We have way more than they do so why don’t we be sensical and help them out? They need it more than us so sacrificing a couple of things shouldn’t seem to bad in fact it should feel great that we’ve helped another community in need. All of it goes to a good cause and it will be used resourcefully. Some things we don’t need but want like lots and lots of money are a waste because it could be used on something way more important. We don’t need to be billionaires we just need enough for essential things to survive and maybe to treat ourselves a bit. So we don’t need all this leftover money to spend on things just for the sake of it. Money shouldn’t go to waste like that.Be sensible and give communities in need a hand.

Further more, how would you feel. Put yourself in their shoes. It sure isn’t a walk in the park or a piece of cake. For example, if you’ve just been involved in a flood and you were close to drowning how would you feel? Fear, exhaustion, hunger, thirst, coldness and sadness are just some of the terrible things people are put through during and after a natural disaster. It’s a serious issue and should be dealt with with care and sensibility. Be empathetic, economic and effective. Don’t dwell on the thought anymore or let any more time slip away and help those innocent, helpless people in need straight away.

Lastly, they would do the same for us. If the scenario was flipped and they were the ones with the advantage they’d certainly help us out. If we were involved in a natural disaster or experienced any type of grief they would support us as well. Treat them like we want to be treated and reciprocate in care. Don’t hold back because this is a serious issue. They trust us and we trust them. Possibly lives could be in our hands. They’ll probably get annoyed if we don’t help them and possibly not help us when an unexpected natural disaster strikes our way. They are very unexpected and almost impossible to completely predict. So remember, we have a bond between our fellow countries and this continues regarding what the scenario is, natural or not.

In conclusion, we should definitely continue to pursue our highly effective process of helping other places in need when stricken by a natural disaster. Firstly because it’s not much to ask for, also because they’re so devastating and lastly because they would also support us when something like a natural disaster would happen to us.

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