100WC- My Angry Supporters

My prompt was an audio track of cheering and shouting.

“GOAL!” I heard the crowd shout and looked around to see all my supporters. The whistle blew and I was overly jubilant. I could feel my heart beating like a strong drum beat. The crowd were still cheering and probably felt like I did. Then I realised something. The crowd was frowning but for some reason they were still cheering like there was no tomorrow. The same was happening to everyone on the pitch except me. Then the frowns turned into angry faces. Everyone was walking towards me. I was backing into the goal and trying to keep my positive energy alive…

School Captain Speech

This was the speech I delivered to all the 5/6 teachers and students on why I should become a school captain.

Good afternoon classmates and teachers. I’m Charlie Rolfe and have been a part of this brilliant school since prep. My brothers have also attended Moonee Ponds Primary since prep and are now in high school or have finished school altogether. I’ll be talking to you about why I would represent the school very well as a school captain.

Firstly, the role of school captain would outline and improve my well established organizational skills. These will help when things like fundraisers, excursions and incursions and sporting events are planned and executed. Also my ability to multitask is extraordinary! I have to manage 2 music lessons per week and practise both instruments, swimming lessons once per week, 2 soccer trainings per week plus a game every Sunday and finish my school homework. And if the soccer season finishes I have cricket to replace it! This takes up most of my time but I get it done because I’m organised. This role would also improve my organisation so I would become even more efficient and organised. So, that’s why I believe that my organizational skills would fit perfectly into the role of school captain.

Furthermore, I can communicate very well and work with all ages in a mature manner. My communication skills have also improved through the buddy program and I have learnt the different ways to communicate with younger ages than to work with adults and more sophisticated communities. This means I have had experience with all types of ages because I have young relatives, older relatives, young friends at school, and even some older year 6’s who, by getting to know them and learning from them have taught me a lot about leadership, that sometimes you have to work independently but sometimes you have to adapt to new environments and work with new people. I think these skills would majorly assist me when working as a school captain.

Finally, I’m open to new learning experiences and always take the opportunity to learn something new or teach it to someone else. Open is my middle name! I love learning and always keep my ears peeled to listen. I don’t mind constructive criticism in fact I love it and always use it as an opportunity to improve myself. I also look out for challenges to test my brain. I’m switched on and I don’t back out no matter how hard the situation. This means I’m open and ready to tackle whatever challenges life throws at me.

So, classmates and teachers, I have delivered the three main reasons why I enthusiastically believe and hope you believe I would represent this wonderful school as a perfectly organised, communicative and open school captain. Thank You

BTN-Bushfire Season

Here is the link to the BTN clip-BTN-Bushfire Season

Bush fires can be horrifically scary in the way that they can spread very fast and even burn homes but the Macindoe family and the Savige family were brave enough to stay and protect their home and this all worked because they worked together as a team and had a clear fire plan.

The two options in a bush fire scenario is to protect your property from the fire (fight) or evacuate early (fly). In December 2006 a bush fire occurred in Toongabbi, one man died and many properties were damaged and effected. There are hundreds of bush fires across the country each year so residents need to be ready and alert for when these ruthless and brutal natural disasters could strike. This shows that bush fires are unexpected and if you aren’t ready the fire won’t wait for you, it’ll just happen and you’ll sorely regret your big misjudgement.

Why do these families feel so confident as to stay and protect there house than choose the safer way and evacuate? What do firefighters and other bush fire experts advise people to do in a bush fire situation and why?






100WC-The Stupid Stunt

These were my prompt words-Black, Flamingo, Extraordinary, Poked, Underneath

He slid down the roof, jumped in mid air and landed head first on the trampoline. Not long after he bounced back up into the air and crashed into the black flamingo. His goth sister had painted it this irrational colour. Jack opened his eyes and saw a trail of blood from underneath the trampoline to his guilty, red nose. He poked it and a red substance squirted out. Then his goth sister sarcastically said “try it again and see what extraordinary injury you can achieve next”.

“Shut up, this is serious” he muttered to himself.

100WC-The Scary Water Experience

My goal for this 100WC is to encourage the readers to infer.

This was my prompt-…as I stared into the water it begun to turn green…

As I stared into the water it begun to turn green which discomforted me majorly but then I thought it was just my imagination as I carried my eyes over to my family who were jubilantly waving at me like I’d already won. I walked up to the edge, scrunched my eyes up and jumped. I easily performed a 2 1/2 somersault with a smooth entry into the water but as I fully submerged myself my throat tightened! I helplessly tried to get out but I couldn’t. Breathing heavily, I opened my eyes and saw my coach with my parents looking at me with vastly concerned looks.

The Robot Revolution

“AAAHHHH!” I screamed. Not long after, I fortunately realised that it wasn’t real. I had seen an overly detailed toy spider within the Questacon shop. “Why do they have this rubbish in stock?” I asked myself. “Pointless bionic arms, boring 3D mazes and scary spi-

“-they’re just trying to get your money” Tirth pointed out.

“I wasn’t talking to you!” I irritably said with gritted teeth. I didn’t know why I was so grumpy. I was just tired and felt a bit homesick. I randomly walked out of the shop not knowing what I was going to do next just wanting to get out of the big group of kids. Once I’d got out of the brutal shop I noticed a small crowd. I jogged up to it and soon after realised that it was a cool robot! I love robots! They’re so high tech!

Now I was just standing in the crowd and I noticed that the robot functions had stopped even though the kids were still pressing the activating buttons. This started as just a little curiosity and then became a big wonder. Why had it stopped? Was there something wrong with it? Was this supposed to happen? Then a wave of relief swept over assumingly everyone when the robot started working again. This wave soon disappeared when we all worked out that no one was pressing the buttons anymore. This mysterious event had somehow darkened the area. This discomforted us knowing that something was wrong.

Know the robot was making its way towards us repeating the same sentence again and again. “Hello and welcome to Questacon. Hello and welcome to Questacon. Hello and welcome to Questacon.” We felt creeped out and ran back to the shop. Straight away we told everyone what’d happened while making our way through the crowd to the teachers. Finally James had got to Jude and told her exactly what’d happened. Well, not exactly. We all knew James would dramatize the exciting parts because he does it all the time without even thinking. Once Jude had received the whole story she explained to James that she wasn’t that gullible. So he traversed the shop to go and speak to Lee and Ant who were chatting and occasionally laughing. Once they had heard it with the same exaggerated parts James added they ended up with puzzled faces that were hard not to describe as typically laughable.

Lee and Ant made their way to Jude who was watching the whole talk James had with Lee and Ant. Of course she couldn’t hear their exact words but something makes me think she got the gist of the conversation. When they finally reached Jude they had a little discussion but being cautious to keep their voices to a whisper. After what seemed like a half hour, they rounded off their discussion and came to face me, James and surprisingly Tirth who must’ve intercepted sometime along the way. Then Ant started “Are you alright? Do you have a fever?” Then he turned to Lee and Jude again and whispered “They must be hallucinating”

“No, do you really think? We’ve never seen a sign of this bef-

“-we’re not hallucinating! Come and look! We’ll show you!” All the teachers looked at each other and thought it wouldn’t hurt to take a look. It would let us observe them closer to see what they’re thinking and experiencing. So they followed James, Tirth and I out of the shop to the robot station.

When we all finally got to the robot we stood there in awe. There was broken wire hanging from everywhere. Bits and pieces of machines scattered on the floor and there it was. The robot was hovering above all the mess staring at us. The teachers grabbed our arms and ran straight to the nearest Questacon staff. He hadn’t noticed what’d happened but once we told him his rosy smile turned into a nervous frown. He whispered something into his intercom and soon after a group of more Questacon staff came running to us and once we told them the issue they bolted to the robot. Then I suddenly had an idea. I knew that up the stairs there was a 7 feet slide. If we could lure the robot to the slide and get it to ride it the robot would break apart. This was probably the best thing to do since the Questacon staff weren’t having much luck.

I explained my plan to the Questacon staff and they agreed. Tirth, James and I volunteered to be the bait thinking it would be fun. “Hey you! You pile of junk!” I shouted at the now irritated robot. This immediately got its attention so I signalled to James and Tirth to start running. We sprinted up the stairs like there was no tomorrow. Once we finally got to the gallery, we scanned the room for the slide and there it was. Without telling the others I ran up to it and climbed the stairs to the top. I searched for the robot and soon found it was nearly right behind me. I knew what I had to do. I’m a bit scared of heights so I took a deep breath and went for it. I just jumped and felt a sudden adrenaline rush.

I looked over my shoulder and saw the robot had followed me down the slide just as planned. I felt a sense of relief when I reached the bottom. With excitement I turned around and saw the remnants of the robot. I looked around at James and Tirth who were unsurprisingly dabbing. This robot didn’t turn out to be so highly intelligent after all. Or maybe it just let its revengeful side take over I thought.


Haiti Earthquake:

Chile Earthquake:


-Death toll approx. 250 000

-Magnitude 7

-Poorer country-buildings unstable and unsafe since not able to provide the money to secure buildings-weak building materials used + built badly-leads to devastating destruction when they suffer from a quake

-Can’t be 100% safe-however, can decrease the probability of  death


-Death toll approx. 500

-Only lasted 1 minute but was so powerful it even changed the earth’s rotation very slightly-also triggered a tsunami to sweep across whole of pacific-magnitude 8.8

-Spend lots money reinforcing buildings because in ring of fire

-Can’t be 100% safe-however, can decrease the probability of  death

The Haitian earthquake and the Chilean earthquake are two interesting events that occurred about a month apart. The Haitian one killed about 250 000 people and had a magnitude of 7. The Chilean one was even more powerful with an 8.8 magnitude. However, the Chilean one didn’t kill anywhere near as much as the Haitian earthquake even though it was more powerful. The death toll for the Chilean earthquake only reached about 500. It only lasted for 1 minute but had such a big impact that it changed the earth’s rotation very slightly. It also triggered a tsunami that swept across the pacific. Although this earthquake was powerful the buildings in Chile are very well reinforced since they have lots of rules in place stating how their buildings need to be stable. This is because Chile is in the ring of fire. But in Haiti, this doesn’t apply. Being a much poorer country, Haiti’s buildings are made of weak materials and are badly made. This becomes a big issue when it comes to earthquakes. When such a disaster would occur the buildings are very easy to break and topple. So you can’t be completely safe from earthquakes but you can provide the security to decrease the impact and the probability of injury.

Reflection on Principals Day

Leaders are people who lead and help others. They are role models who show the right thing to do and demonstrate a great range of values. The leaders at Moonee Ponds Primary School achieve this and some of the values they pursue are Respect, Optimism, Care and Collaboration which are the school’s values. These are the values they encourage us to have not just at school but also in our everyday life. People like Matt Bott, Rebecca McMahon and Barbara Springfield are genuine examples of fantastic leaders.

Matt Bott-

Matt is a great man. He knows what he’s doing and knows the right time to be serious and down to business and the time to a bit silly and have fun. He’s a very friendly guy and it’s great to get to know him as a person. He’s a perfect role model for this school. Every day I see him working hard and getting around the school doing his jobs and I think, how awesome is he? He’s a great principal with an excellent understanding of kids. Once, when my computer had a problem he always offered to give me a spare until I got mine back. This told me that he understood how I was a bit annoyed and he knew how I felt.

Rebecca McMahon-

Rebecca is great at her job. She’s organised and efficient like Matt. She shines in all values but one of her main values is care and respect in the sense that she really emphasises them. She’s always optimistic and considerably rubs off on other students. She makes time in her day to come around the school and see how we’re working and gets to know us a bit which is nice to have a nice relationship with her. My brother has had her as a teacher once and says she was great. I know her through this and I agree that she’s a terrific person.

Barbara Springfield-

Barbara is great because she’s just stepped into the school and fitted in perfectly. She’s a lovely lady and we all know that she has done an awesome job at adapting to our ways. She’s very experienced and very caring. I think she’s handled the job awesomely and doesn’t step down from the challenge. One of the times she demonstrated great leadership was when she was comforting to the mum of a boy who got lost recently. She understood how the mum felt and helped her through the process until they found him which they did. In this situation she also dealt with the issue brilliantly.

So, there you have it. 3 marvellous leaders at our school who are great with kids, caring and respectful and are brave. These are perfect people to lead our school and everyone knows it.