Reflection on Principals Day

Leaders are people who lead and help others. They are role models who show the right thing to do and demonstrate a great range of values. The leaders at Moonee Ponds Primary School achieve this and some of the values they pursue are Respect, Optimism, Care and Collaboration which are the school’s values. These are the values they encourage us to have not just at school but also in our everyday life. People like Matt Bott, Rebecca McMahon and Barbara Springfield are genuine examples of fantastic leaders.

Matt Bott-

Matt is a great man. He knows what he’s doing and knows the right time to be serious and down to business and the time to a bit silly and have fun. He’s a very friendly guy and it’s great to get to know him as a person. He’s a perfect role model for this school. Every day I see him working hard and getting around the school doing his jobs and I think, how awesome is he? He’s a great principal with an excellent understanding of kids. Once, when my computer had a problem he always offered to give me a spare until I got mine back. This told me that he understood how I was a bit annoyed and he knew how I felt.

Rebecca McMahon-

Rebecca is great at her job. She’s organised and efficient like Matt. She shines in all values but one of her main values is care and respect in the sense that she really emphasises them. She’s always optimistic and considerably rubs off on other students. She makes time in her day to come around the school and see how we’re working and gets to know us a bit which is nice to have a nice relationship with her. My brother has had her as a teacher once and says she was great. I know her through this and I agree that she’s a terrific person.

Barbara Springfield-

Barbara is great because she’s just stepped into the school and fitted in perfectly. She’s a lovely lady and we all know that she has done an awesome job at adapting to our ways. She’s very experienced and very caring. I think she’s handled the job awesomely and doesn’t step down from the challenge. One of the times she demonstrated great leadership was when she was comforting to the mum of a boy who got lost recently. She understood how the mum felt and helped her through the process until they found him which they did. In this situation she also dealt with the issue brilliantly.

So, there you have it. 3 marvellous leaders at our school who are great with kids, caring and respectful and are brave. These are perfect people to lead our school and everyone knows it.

2 thoughts on “Reflection on Principals Day

  1. Thanks Charlie!

    The staff and students at MPPS are so terrific that they made it very easy to ‘step’ into the role of Assistant Principal.

    I hope I can continue to support the staff and students and even impart a little bit of my knowledge… I know I’ve learnt a lot too from my time at MPPS.

    Thanks for brightening up my day!

  2. Wow Charlie!
    Thank you for your extremely kind words.
    I am very privileged and feel proud to have many fantastic students like you in our school.
    I was also very impressed with your writing skills.
    Keep up the great work!

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