BTN-Bushfire Season

Here is the link to the BTN clip-BTN-Bushfire Season

Bush fires can be horrifically scary in the way that they can spread very fast and even burn homes but the Macindoe family and the Savige family were brave enough to stay and protect their home and this all worked because they worked together as a team and had a clear fire plan.

The two options in a bush fire scenario is to protect your property from the fire (fight) or evacuate early (fly). In December 2006 a bush fire occurred in Toongabbi, one man died and many properties were damaged and effected. There are hundreds of bush fires across the country each year so residents need to be ready and alert for when these ruthless and brutal natural disasters could strike. This shows that bush fires are unexpected and if you aren’t ready the fire won’t wait for you, it’ll just happen and you’ll sorely regret your big misjudgement.

Why do these families feel so confident as to stay and protect there house than choose the safer way and evacuate? What do firefighters and other bush fire experts advise people to do in a bush fire situation and why?






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