Semester 2 Goal Reflection

These are my goals for Semester 2:

To make sure I get my homework done, I’ll plan out each week’s homework in my diary. I also want to apply what I learn at school to everyday life. Another thing is to organise my thinking in lessons into a way that is easy to understand and look back on. I think I should work on staying on task in class. I could set limits of things I can say to others. I also want to step up and do things like helping others when they are distracted or doing the wrong thing. This is what a good role model does.


So far I have been getting all my homework done and a big part of that was the way I planned out each week to fit in with my other activities. I have also started to use a new homework planner that helps to specifically work out the times when I do each bit of homework. The only homework I need to work on is my reading. I will continue this homework system and improve the amount of reading I get done.

To apply what I learn at school to everyday life. I have definitely achieved this because any chance I get to use my skills I’ve learnt at school I see it as a great opportunity to improve them. I think I should also when I have time set up some real life problems to solve or maybe just improve my reading by looking at a range of books.

My next goal was to organise my thinking in books that is easier understand when I look back on it. I have not fully achieved this goal but I’m trying to improve it and I’m on my way to achieving it fully. This term I’ll also improve my handwriting with is a major part of this goal. I will always use margins and set out my book to be clear and legible.

I’m very close to achieving this goal but need a bit more work. Staying on task in class is very important. This term I will start being very focused to make sure I don’t miss anything important and know exactly what to do. I have improved a lot throughout the year but it needs a bit more work.

I’ll also work on helping other classmates stay on task as I am a school captain for next year and a school captain should be a great role model. This is an extension on my last goal but is very achievable.