100 WC- My Year

This year was a year like no other! The whole year full of opportunities and learning fun! This step up from year 4 to 5 was a great experience and next year I will guide the new year 5’s through what I did this year. Ant was a major help in my learning and I would love to have him next year (but the other teachers are as equally brilliant)! One of my favourite excursions this year was the P.T Challenge which tested our navigation. I also loved literacy circles and looking deeper into my reading. Countless experiences I had this year were all fun and educational.

To Scale: The Solar System (BTN Reflection Structure)

This video was about our perspective on earth and how the earth is in size compared to the rest of the solar system and the universe.

The planets are further apart than the internet shows and to accurately build a scale model of the solar system the planets will be further than some people might think. There is only 24 humans who have ever seen the full earth from space with their own eyes. Earth is the same size as Venus. Although some people may think everything is got to do with earth and that earth is the main part of the solar system Earth is a small planet compared to the rest of the universe when you think about other planets like Jupiter and Saturn. What is our understanding so far on other life living on other planets and are we going to investigate this further? Why do  different planets have such different sizes and orbits?




Here is the link the the Youtube video-To Scale: The Solar System

Hour of Code Session

Synopsis of Coding Session:

This session was part of the Hour of Code and it was just getting started on the subject of coding to familiarise ourselves with it and have a go. Coding is and efficient way of programming a computer to direct it and tell it what to do. I wasn’t there for the whole session but I still learnt about it and experienced trial and error when having a go at the activities. I had a go at bomberbot using directions to move the robot. This gave us a little taste of it and it was just one step to learning fully how to code. We also gave directions to our partners to experience the problems and we learnt you have to be specific when telling the computer what to do. Another thing we learnt about was debugging and coming across errors when coding.

What do I want to learn more about?

I want to learn more about how to cope with bugs and problems when coding because it’s easy to get stuck. Debugging was something we covered in the session but I want to expand and understand it better.

What confuses or excites me?

I’m confused about the purpose of coding and how it will be helpful in the future. Another thing that’s confusing is that I have to think of it from the computers perspective. Something that excites me is that coding is a very broad subject and you can be creative but it’s still efficient.

How can we improve learning about coding at MPPS?

I think we could incorporate our coding into our learning of our integrated topic once or twice a week and if students want an extension they can attend a lunchtime club that teaches students more about coding and gives them practise and scenarios where they have to use coding.

Teaching astronomy and space: Models of the Solar System; Earth, Sun and Moon (BTN Reflection Structure)

This video was about human’s understanding of space an the history of astronomy.

We have discovered that the moon and sun rise and set, the earth rotates and even the stars move. The Ancient Greeks had a theory that everything moved in perfect circles because of the gods and that the earth that they thought did not rotate was at the centre with everything else circling it. Johannes Kepler perfected Nicolaus Copernicus’  theory that the sun was at the centre and ancient astronomers also saw Mars moving backwards and forwards which is because we see it from the side and it actually moves in circles and that proves the old theory of never-ending circles. Galileo Galilei made a telescope to observe the night sky and something he found out was that Jupiter had its own four moons which was another way to prove that the Earth was not the main part of space and not everything revolved around it. What significant things does the knowledge of the universe and how it works help with? Why/why isn’t astronomy a key interest for young people?


Blue=Facts (3)

Green=Questions (2)

Red=Insights/Understandings (1)

Here is the link to the Youtube video-Teaching astronomy and space: Models of the Solar System; Earth, Sun and Moon