To Scale: The Solar System (BTN Reflection Structure)

This video was about our perspective on earth and how the earth is in size compared to the rest of the solar system and the universe.

The planets are further apart than the internet shows and to accurately build a scale model of the solar system the planets will be further than some people might think. There is only 24 humans who have ever seen the full earth from space with their own eyes. Earth is the same size as Venus. Although some people may think everything is got to do with earth and that earth is the main part of the solar system Earth is a small planet compared to the rest of the universe when you think about other planets like Jupiter and Saturn. What is our understanding so far on other life living on other planets and are we going to investigate this further? Why do  different planets have such different sizes and orbits?




Here is the link the the Youtube video-To Scale: The Solar System

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