BTN-School Sport

This video was about the comparison of AFL and American Football and it was based on one university student who transferred from AFL to American Football.

The atmosphere, rules and money involved in American Football is definitely different from AFL. American College Football is very popular and serious in fact games are played in a 95 000 seat stadium and teams have a multi million budget. Why is this sort of sport treated so differently in Australia? One ex-AFL player Brad got dropped from his AFL team and decided to try american football but it wasn’t easy learning to play a new sport at that level. Why did Brad try American Football rather than playing for a different AFL team? Brad plays for LSU who, last time they won the National title earned 70 million dollars. 





Here is the link to the BTN video-

100WC-Week 5

This week’s prompt was a photo:

We accelerated and our speed soon reached 150 km. As we approached the ramp my driver screamed in fear having second thoughts. He soon bailed and dived out of me. I sped over the ramp and soon I was airborne. Time slowed down as I sailed through the air like a majestic eagle. Then a tree appeared in the distance and, as I got closer I realised that the spectators must be bamboozled that I could still be going without a driver. Then, caught up in my own thoughts I crashed into the tree and amazingly stuck there!


100WC-Week 4

This week’s prompt was a photo:

“They’re hot on our tail” Larry shouted. The police cars closed in and with overwhelming confidence he nodded his head towards the solid wall. I gulped and shook my head with fear but before I could stop him he disappeared through the wall and I hesitantly followed. I felt a sharp pain in my arm and saw blackness followed by a reappearance of light as the world came into focus. I saw Larry who’s smile of success changed into a frightful frown. I looked down at my arm only to learn it wasn’t there!