Little Ania-Read like a writer

This is the link to the story I read to make this reflection-Little Ania

Ideas: The ideas in this story are that there is a strange girl who gets sicker and sicker right from when she is born and it’s about how she copes trying to live a normal life. The heart of this piece is the relationship between mother and daughter and how, in the end they both discover their family traditions and unique ways of eating, sleeping and having fun. The main idea of the story also left the reader thinking about something.

Organisation: This story uses leads such as from the start, the mother wants her daughter to be a normal girl and in the end you find out she wanted that so that she could live an easier life in that world. The author uses the exoticness of the character to pull the reader in and make them want to read and find out more. The ending of the piece really summed up the whole idea of the story and completed it to make it feel finished.

Voice: This piece has a certain style and personality that makes it unique and interesting to read. The author really explored the sadness and emotions of the characters to give the piece a specific feeling. This style of writing was a kind of fiction that played with realism and also gave it a funny element. The creativity of this piece showed how the author interpreted that certain idea.

Word Choice: This piece had a lot of exclamation coming from the main character which showed the mood of that character. Sometimes the author used adjectives that showed the character’s frustration or sadness. One of the most significant things in this story was the description of the “hugest mop of wiry black hair” that gave the whole character a kind of personality and meaning. The meaning of the mop of wiry black hair was to give her some sort of hiding place and something to obscure her when she was cross.

Sentence Fluency: The sentences in this piece were fairly simple in terms of the tier 2 language but the author used bit of repetition to show similarity in the piece and give important parts an emphasis. The structure of sentences wasn’t too long and the adjectives fitted well in the context. Quite a few times the main character would shout or growl and this gave the piece a range of calm moments and also tense moments.

Conventions: The spelling, punctuation and grammar were fine in this piece and it was interesting how the author used exclamation marks to give a specific part more meaning such as excitement or anger. The writing in this piece was quite easy to read but had a certain level of difficulty so that it wasn’t boring and it was well written.

4 thoughts on “Little Ania-Read like a writer

  1. I really liked it although I would say that for conventions you could ad a bit more. Also next time double check because I found a mistake. Besides that you did really well with showing youre ideas.

  2. You did a good job on getting it done and they way you did it. It was good how you talked about what happened in the story and then something about it.
    Something you could improve on is when you where talking about ideas you could have said a bit more about what happened in the story in detail.
    You also

  3. i found it interesting when you mentioned because you did it very well and you did the summary well and effectively and i think you should of done more in the paragraphs

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