100WC-Week 14

This week’s prompt was:

…then suddenly it went dark…

I was so psyched for today’s robbery. I’m such an advanced criminal if I do say so myself but today was going to top it all off. The most stereotypical robbery. A bank robbery. Tonight at 8:00 I’m pulling it off with 6 other mates.

It’s 7:57. We’re just about to sneak inside when I see a foot from around the corner. Then a cop steps around the corner and we all draw our guns and shoot. We shot several shots before he shoots his own right at my heart then suddenly it went dark and I woke up looking at a sign that said ‘Ĥëll’.

100WC-Week 13

This week’s prompt was an image:

This was an amazing experience. Seeing all these cute seals spread out on this historic rock was just breathtaking. Our boat stopped and rocked calmly while we took photos. I didn’t. I just wanted to enjoy the moment rather than trying to capture it on camera. Then I spotted 1 particular seal that was leaning on a rock. Another seal came along and it looked like it said something to the first seal. Next thing I know the first seal is lying on the ground. It didn’t look right. It was as if it was laughing hysterically.

Charles Homework-Follow Up

I found it interesting when Rowan said that Charles is Laurie’s imaginary friend because Charles was very naughty and maybe that reflected that Laurie was naughty as well. It might be that all the things that Laurie said Charles did Laurie did. This could mean Laurie came up with an imaginary friend that had traits like himself.

I found it interesting when Emma said the dad and Laurie were the main characters because I thought it was written from the mum’s point of view therefore she was the main character as well as Laurie. The dad was also concerned for Laurie and Charles’ influence but I think the mum delved deeper into the situation because she was the one who went to the P.T.A meeting and investigated.

I found it interesting when Tara said Laurie lied to his parents because he didn’t fit in at school and wanted to look cool by having Charles as a cool story to bring home to his parents. This view made me think about other things in Laurie’s life that he could have lied about to be cool.

Charles-5 Facts of Fiction Reflection

I read a story called Charles to make this reflection:

  1. I think the author made Laurie act slightly ruder after his first day at school to say that when you start school you are at a different stage in life where you are older and not mature yet but not a sweet little kid anymore. I think it’s debatable whether Laurie or the mum is the main character because Laurie is the one who it is focussed on but it’s written from the mum’s point of view. Laurie acts a bit rude. He goes to school for the first time and that’s how he gets to be this way. The mum is a worried sort of mum who isn’t sure about her son going to school and the influences he might get.
  2. In this story the mum wants to relax about her son going to school. She wants to make sure that he is getting something out of school and enjoying it rather than not learning and dreading going to school. I think Laurie wants to have fun at school and make friends but isn’t into the learning so much and the stories he brought home to his parents about Charles were just made up to maybe make him feel better about his own behaviour at school.
  3. In the end the mum finds out that Charles is a made up student and Laurie has been making up stories about a naughty kid in his class. I think she found out that not everything Laurie says about school is true and if she isn’t there to see and witness everything that goes on at school she can never be too sure. Laurie ends up getting caught and found out about his false stories about Charles but, as his teacher told his parents, he took a week or so to settle in but he soon adjusted to the school’s environment.
  4. At the start, the mum wasn’t too sure about what was going on at school but she believed Laurie’s stories about Charles and how he got punished but at the time she didn’t know he was making it up. At the end of the story she found out, via the teacher, that Charles wasn’t real and Laurie had being lying to her. She has now learned not to be too trusting about every story or piece of information about school her son tells her. This story has a message about parents who don’t completely know what’s going on when they’re not there and how their child can bend the truth or change it completely. In this case it was about a school boy and his mum wondering about the things he’s telling her about school.
  5. This author creates an atmosphere of an average school boy and his mother. The author also included the father being the less worrying parent and less of a main character. He doesn’t delve as deep into the situation as the mum does when she investigates at the P.T.A meeting. I think this is because he didn’t go to the meeting and he didn’t listen to as many of the Charles stories as the mum did. I think maybe the school has a bit of a bad influence on Laurie because after his first day of school he had a ruder attitude towards his family. This is a world where the schools have physical punishments such as spanking as well as normal school punishments.

100WC-Week 12

This week’s prompt is:
cushion, scarlet, annoying, watered, violin

I lay down on the sofa on an annoying cushion. I got back up in a rush. I had nothing to do and then I realised mum had specifically asked me to water her plant at 5:00. My eyes drifted over to the clock. It was 5:17. I looked the room over and soon spotted the scarlet flowers. I ran to the kitchen to fill up a glass of water but I tripped over a haphazardly placed violin and music sheets. I pursued my run to the kitchen, filled up a glass and, after making my way back carefully this time, poured it into the pot. Done. Watered.

Joseph Bryant-Themes Reflection

I read a story called Joseph Bryant to make this reflection:

  1. This story helps me understand the concept of experiencing grief when you are young and someone close to you dies. The main themes in this story are loss, grief and love. These concepts are expressed in the story when she explained how she reacted to the news, it took a second, I remember, for everything to set in. I would be losing my best friend and I didn’t know how to respond. I was angry and upset and so confused; what did Joseph ever do to deserve this?
  2. The author wants the reader to read the story and then think about how she dealt with the feelings she had about Joseph dying. She obviously had a very close relationship with him and since she was young this story has a message about grief and how you can feel when you experience loss. In this story it shows her confusion when it said, being so young, I was intrigued by someone who was so sick, but managed to try and stay the same person. Joseph did everything he could do to hide his struggling from really having a hard time, the nurses warned us that Joseph might not be getting better and the hospital was only able to do so much to help him.
  3. People who have experienced someone close to them dying or who has lost anything important might benefit from this story and the message it conveys. Some examples might be someone with a disability who can’t use a certain body part, someone who’s lost a sense like sight or hearing. Some parts of the story show a message of love when it said, he fought against his disease every single day. Maybe that’s why I loved him; he knew things were not going to get better, yet he still tried.
  4. When she congratulated Joseph after hearing he had cancer this had a meaning that told the reader how being young affected her reaction. It meant that she was only in grade 3 at the time and she didn’t really understand cancer until he died. Also how Joseph taught her the true meaning of love had a meaning that was that when she lost him it really impacted her and helped her understand how much and why she loved him.
  5. Something repeated in this story is how Joseph taught her the true meaning of love. This is stated at the start and at the end to give it an important meaning and emphasis. This means the author wanted us to know how she was feeling and understand the message in the story. She also at the start talked about how the word ‘love’ is a misused word and how few people know what it really means.
  6. The author is saying that love is a complicated concept and that this certain scenario is a way that someone could learn and experience the true meaning of it. It is also about the grief and loss that she felt. The way the author conveyed this was by using someone’s death as an example. I think the message in this story is you don’t know how much you love someone until you lose them. The themes to support this message are love and loss.

100WC-Week 11

The prompt was:

…but then the flash made me…

I woke abruptly after my alarm went off millimetres from my ear. It was 7:00 and today was school photo day. I have had a history of bad school photos and that day of the year had come once again.

The bell rung and I rushed into school. The teachers escorted all the students to a big room. We lined up and I was 2nd in line and, after Joey Douglas had is photo taken, I was up. I sat down and was feeling confident this time. I made the best smile I could but then the flash made me frozen! Frozen like a statue forever!