Charles-5 Facts of Fiction Reflection

I read a story called Charles to make this reflection:

  1. I think the author made Laurie act slightly ruder after his first day at school to say that when you start school you are at a different stage in life where you are older and not mature yet but not a sweet little kid anymore. I think it’s debatable whether Laurie or the mum is the main character because Laurie is the one who it is focussed on but it’s written from the mum’s point of view. Laurie acts a bit rude. He goes to school for the first time and that’s how he gets to be this way. The mum is a worried sort of mum who isn’t sure about her son going to school and the influences he might get.
  2. In this story the mum wants to relax about her son going to school. She wants to make sure that he is getting something out of school and enjoying it rather than not learning and dreading going to school. I think Laurie wants to have fun at school and make friends but isn’t into the learning so much and the stories he brought home to his parents about Charles were just made up to maybe make him feel better about his own behaviour at school.
  3. In the end the mum finds out that Charles is a made up student and Laurie has been making up stories about a naughty kid in his class. I think she found out that not everything Laurie says about school is true and if she isn’t there to see and witness everything that goes on at school she can never be too sure. Laurie ends up getting caught and found out about his false stories about Charles but, as his teacher told his parents, he took a week or so to settle in but he soon adjusted to the school’s environment.
  4. At the start, the mum wasn’t too sure about what was going on at school but she believed Laurie’s stories about Charles and how he got punished but at the time she didn’t know he was making it up. At the end of the story she found out, via the teacher, that Charles wasn’t real and Laurie had being lying to her. She has now learned not to be too trusting about every story or piece of information about school her son tells her. This story has a message about parents who don’t completely know what’s going on when they’re not there and how their child can bend the truth or change it completely. In this case it was about a school boy and his mum wondering about the things he’s telling her about school.
  5. This author creates an atmosphere of an average school boy and his mother. The author also included the father being the less worrying parent and less of a main character. He doesn’t delve as deep into the situation as the mum does when she investigates at the P.T.A meeting. I think this is because he didn’t go to the meeting and he didn’t listen to as many of the Charles stories as the mum did. I think maybe the school has a bit of a bad influence on Laurie because after his first day of school he had a ruder attitude towards his family. This is a world where the schools have physical punishments such as spanking as well as normal school punishments.

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