Year Reflection

I have had a lot of fun times in 2017 at MPPS including camps, excursions, lessons and even more. The most memorable thing about school was the camps because they helped us get to know each other while being away from home and doing some fun activities.

My most recent camp cape bridgewater was my favourite because we had a range of activities such as archery, abseiling, caving and sandboarding-they were my favourite. Also my cabin was giant. I was convinced we nearly had the whole year 6 boy cohort in it. Apart from not getting much sleep I enjoyed the jokes exchanged all day. LITERALLY ALL DAY! Other camps I went on were fun but this one in particular stood out for me.

I also enjoyed the buddies excursion. Despite the obvious responsibility of keeping my buddy out of the lake it was good to spend some time with my buddy to celebrate our year together. I hope He had as much fun with me this year as I did with him. I wish him well in the rest of his schooling.

Another memorable excursion was the Public Transport Challenge. This year my team was all boys with only 2 year 5’s. Last year we were only year 5’s so we had no experience with this kind of challenge at all. Despite being rushed at the end and other small issues we came tied 2nd! This year we had lots of time and a plan-to go to the furthest place first and then come back passing the closer places and end up back at school. This plan worked and we got back to school half an hour early. The suspense haunted us all week but eventually we were told the results. Fortunately our team came FIRST!

In Integrated Studies we learnt about animal adaptations. For our project we made a powerpoint, diagram, diorama and an experiment all about how a certain animal (mine was the barking spider) adapts to its environment in order to survive. This project was interesting but it felt quite long and was hard to keep engaged in all the time. We presented these to our class and just showed them to the rest of the 5/6’s.

This year has been a great year to end off my primary school years. I feel I’m ready for high school with all the preparation primary school has given me. I wish my fellow graduates well at high school and hope we all do well in the future.

Farewell primary school!

100WC-Week 19

This week’s prompt was:

…the tiger was blocking our escape…

The thunder of clapping from the rest of crowd bombarded my ears as the trapeze artist finished her act. Then I spotted the tiger and its tamer at the side getting ready to go. He walked on and brought the tiger in the cage onto the stage with him. Then I heard it growl fiercely at everyone and amazingly it knocked the cage open with its head! Everyone was screaming and most people managed to escape except for some including me! We ran towards the exit but the tiger was blocking our escape. In an instant the tiger leaped at me…