Buddies-Food Faces

Me and my buddy Oliver did an activity together because Oliver is learning about healthy bodies and healthy food. We both made food faces. My face was alright but Oliver’s was even cooler! He made a cyclops! We also got to eat our faces! No! Not our own silly! The ones we made out of food! I had a great time and enjoyed making a funny food face.

Here is a picture of both my food face and Oliver’s too:





The Buddy Program and it’s Benefits to the 5/6s

The buddy program is to help the 5/6s develop and improve on their responsibility, leadership and confidence skills. It helps us to be a responsible person and gives us something to be responsible for so that we get the feel of it. My buddy is Oliver and he is a very bright kid. He likes reading and maths and is a very talkative person. I think having a buddy will help me to understand what is required as a year 5 and what is not necessary. Over the sessions we spend with them we get to know them and learn how to care for young people. We are being a role model to them so we have to have leadership skills and we have to make sure the buddies learn from us and act the right way at school. We have to recognise and consider that they are only preps and are new to the school. They will naturally copy us so we have to use the right behaviour and show them the right thing to do. Lastly, we have to be confident and firm when around our buddy. We won’t take the easy way out and will challenge ourselves which will help us learn. The buddy program is a great learning opportunity for the 5/6s because we learn to be responsible, we improve our leadership skills and we have to be confident in order to help and understand your buddy.

Here is a picture of me and my buddy Oliver colouring in buddy bears.