100WC-Week 3

This week’s prompt was:

beautiful, worried, camera, hard, brown

I watched as he left in the bright red bus on a long trip to a beautiful sightseeing camp. I couldn’t help myself feeling worried. As I walked back into the house I heard a beep and when I entered I noticed the camera that should currently be on its way to a camp was fully charged. Oh well, I thought. Over the next couple of days I found it hard to stop thinking about him. Then on the day he came home I realised how precious he is and hugged him optimistically in his favourite brown sweater.

Anh Do-Youtube (BTN Reflection Structure)

This video was about Anh Do and his life not so much as a comedian but as a refugee.

Refugees usually have a hard time during their transition to Australia but Anh Do was welcomed to Australia and his travel wasn’t too bad either. When he was 2, Anh Do and his family were lucky to escape Vietnam and come to Australia. The whole trip was 5 days at sea and after 2 pirate attacks and storms a German ship rocks up and saves them. How did the ship know about the family and their problems? Once they arrived in Australia they were welcomed by nuns who gave them clothes and funnily enough his brother had to wear girls clothes because they mixed it up somewhere in the translation. What year did this happen?

Here is the link to the Youtube clip-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhGETRI81DE&feature=youtu.be





100WC-Week 2

This week’s prompt was:

…but how can something so tiny…

The battle was on! They squabbled and snatched it off each other with no intention of backing down. Then as the two stubborn mice distracted each other with their fight a cunning ant sneaks past them to retrieve the prize. As I watched the ant rush back to its hideout the mice took several minutes to notice that the crumb was gone. The mice looked around helplessly for an explanation but as they searched they realised they had gone on a trip for biscuits. I thought to myself, but how can something so tiny be that precious to them. 

Federation explained-(BTN Reflection Structure)

This video was about how Australia was colonised and the ways each of the colonies sorted out their differences.

In 1642 Abel Tasman, a dutch explorer found Tasmania and if he decided to make a colony there this country could be inhabited by the dutch right now. In 1770 captain cook claimed land in Botany Bay, Sydney and by the 1850’s  there were six different colonies, almost like six different countries in one whole continent and even though Great Britain was the boss of them all they each had their own defence forces, trade policies and railway systems.  You couldn’t travel from Melbourne to Brisbane because the widths of the tracks were different in those states but while they were thinking about the benefits of joining together  they were still suspicious about each other. Some countries have to fight a war to claim independence over other countries. Why can’t all countries sort out peace with each other? Why did it take so long to give aborigines rights?

Here is the link to the video-http://splash.abc.net.au/home#!/media/1961881/federation-explained




100WC-Week 1

This week the prompt is:

 …so that is why I am always last…

I’m John Azeel. You might think I’m exaggerating but the first day of school this year blew my mind. Every year  I look forward to being first on the roll but to my surprise my name was not read 1st, 2nd or even 3rd. Are you serious?! I was last on the roll. Do you know what this meant. I threw a gigantic tantrum and the teacher, disgusted by my actions promised me I would be last on the roll every year for the rest of my school life! So that is why I’m always last on the roll at school.


This video was about how two soldiers become convicts but didn’t know what they got into.

Private Sudds and Private Thompson got caught on purpose because they thought that convict life was better than soldier life specifically, assigned hours, agreed rates of pay and are allowed land grants after finishing their sentence. Governor Darling punished these two to make an example and discourage people stealing. Why didn’t Darling or Governors before him enforce harsh punishments from the start? Thompson and Sudds are in iron chains doing hard labour as their sentence. Sudds was sick and, even after the chains were removed he died. Why didn’t Thompson and Sudds think of the possible bad consequences of their actions?

This is the link to the clip-http://dl.nfsa.gov.au/module/1614/





BTN-Australian History

These two videos were about Europeans coming to Australia. One was about the Europeans-http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3934600.htm One was about the Aborigines-http://www.myplace.edu.au/teaching_activities/1878_-_before_time/1788/1/the_encounter.html

In London, the jails were getting to full so they decided to transport them to Australia (NSW) that Captain Cook had claimed in 1770. 11 ships were going to the new penal colony. When the Europeans arrived they soon noticed that there were inhabitants on the land already. The aborigines didn’t like them and how they took over. Even though the land was rightfully theirs the Europeans took over and didn’t care.


When I think of caving, I’m speechless… Thursday 23rd of Feb 2017 was the best day of my life! Actually it was the best day of camp. On that day we all went caving! So far this camp at Cape Bridgewater had been awesome! But caving was just about to top it all off like the cherry on top. We drove there on a bus and had to walk a fair way. It was like walking up Mount Everest without the steepness! Once we got to the gloomy cave we let our eyes get used to the dark until we turned our trusty helmet lights on.

As we delved deeper into the cave we soon realised it was full of crickets that resembled spiders. There were also frogs that were small but could still jump high. We moved forward more and stopped a few times to talk about stalactites, stalagmites, bat poo and the history of the cave. Then finally our first real challenge. We were given the option to have a go at crawling and rolling through an extremely tight space. Nearly everyone in my group had a go! This was my favourite because we could get dirty without having to worry.

Our next difficult part was when we had to walk 6-7 metres in pitch black! It was an interesting experience as we had to communicate to each other and use our sense of touch over sight. Everyone did this and we all succeeded.

Once we finished we turned our torches on again and we found ourselves back were all the frogs were. We named one Piggy. I cautiously picked it up and transported it out of the cave excited to set it free but as I stepped up the slippery slope to get out, Piggy fell off my hand and harshly crashed to the ground!

He lay there motionless until he, well, moved. I knew I had done all I needed to and left with a spring in my step. When I think of caving, I’m speechless…